Solar Ear

Solar Ear manufactures solar powered hearing aids by skilled young adults who are deaf for hearing impaired in developing countries. Through the development of new technologies, we are creating technical jobs, sustainable enterprises, for people who are deaf.

We developed the first rechargeable digital hearing aid and first rechargeable hearing aid battery which costs $2.00 but lasts 2 to 3 years. All products were invented by the workers and meet all world class standards. We have 5 assembly operations and service over 45 countries. All of our products meet world class standards and have won numerous product awards.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 300 million people would benefit from a hearing aid, two-thirds of them are living in developing countries. Also, 90% of all newborns with a hearing impairment are born in developing countries, yet only 12% of hearing aids are sold, mainly to affluent members of these countries. Solar Ear’s mission is make total hearing health, possible for people worldwide with a priority in developing countries and underserved communities by: providing “affordable and sustainable hearing amplification equipment to all who need it.” Our goal is to lower hearing impairment for 60,00,000 people and lower the burden of hearing loss to over 100,000,000 million people within the next five years. Indirectly, we will reach 3 to 5 times as many people, as pregnant mothers, parents of children who are hearing impaired, and their teachers will be involved. Getting a child a hearing aid at a young age, i.e. before 3 years old, is imperative as she can learn to communicate. The hearing aid will also enable the child to be mainstreamed in a local school, thus giving the child the opportunity for an education. Finally, there are very few schools for the deaf in developing countries.This project aims to give the hearing impaired child improved access to education, as without a hearing aid they are deaf.

Our goal is not only to scale the operations but more important to achieve critical scale of our impact. We want to continue to reduce HIV- AIDS rate for the deaf population. We want to continue to show companies that people who are deaf have a special ability, therefore should be given employment opportunities. We want to show society that people with a disability are people with a disability and not a disabled person. We want the people in the Middle-East to hear the sounds of peace from the Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian workers who are deaf. We then want to replicate this part of the program in Kashmir, Kosovo, Sri Lanka and Indonesia

Potential Impact

High quality, low cost “generic” rechargeable hearing aids and rechargeable batteries. Batteries and solar chargers can be used with almost any BTE hearing aid. By getting the product a child has an opportunity to communicate, and then get an education as there are too few schools for the deaf. We can also save 200,000,000 batteries from being thrown out every year.

Cost Per Unit

Solar Charger & Rechargeable Batteries $49.95 USD

Digital Hearing Aid $299 USD