Ecosystem for Impact

The Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) has partnered with several organizations to create an Ecosystem for Impact. While each member organization provides unique experience, skills, insights and deliverables, it is through collaboration among all Ecosystem members that Invent for Humanity maximizes impact. Ecosystem members are classified across three primary channels – licensing, infrastructure, and marketplace.

The Ecosystem and participating Needs Organizations and Technology Providers together create Campaigns. Invent for Humanity collects and evaluates submissions of Appropriate Technology and Partnering Needs Organizations for placement as Campaigns within the Kopernik online marketplace. Campaigns are funded by individual donors and foundations. Once a Campaign is fully funded, the local needs organization and technology provider work with the Invent for Humanity Ecosystem in order to structure licensing agreements, develop manufacturing and distribution infrastructure, and otherwise facilitate the enterprise development.

Licensing Collaborators

Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc. (CLP)

Global Access in Action

Licensing Executives Society International, Inc. (LESI)

Infrastructure Collaborators

Global Access to Technology for Development (GATD)

Powered by Action

Catapult Design

Trade Organization Partners – currently seeking

Marketplace Collaborators


Microfinance Partners – currently seeking

Ratings & Research Partners – currently seeking