Invent for Humanity is a community, a marketplace, and an event facilitating Appropriate Technology transfer for the betterment of mankind.

Created by the non-profit Center for Applied Innovation (CAI), Invent for Humanity is a community, a marketplace and an event focused on harnessing technology for social good.

Invent for Humanity – A Community

Invent for Humanity participating organizations are representative of both large, global non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and small, local community NGOs. The creation of a community platform, where participants can discover and collaborate, presents an enormous opportunity for all organizations involved. Such a platform facilitates the discussions that lead to the development of impactful partnerships and collaborations among small and large NGOs alike.

Leveraging this platform, organizations can share best practices and local knowledge, discover appropriate technology solutions, and develop proposals to seek funding for Campaigns in the online marketplace.

Invent for Humanity – A Marketplace

Proposals are evaluated and selected for placement as Campaigns within the online marketplace. Once listed, Campaigns can be funded by individual donors and foundations.

When a Campaign is fully funded, the appropriate organizations work within the Invent for Humanity Ecosystem for Impact to structure licensing agreements, develop manufacturing and distribution infrastructure, and otherwise facilitate enterprise development and local job creation.

Invent for Humanity – An Event

The Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Exchange Fair takes place concurrent with the LESI Global Technology Impact Forum in Geneva, Switzerland. The purpose of this event is to showcase field-ready, sustainable innovations, known as Appropriate Technology, leveraging the experience of licensing professionals to match and structure the actual transfer of such technology to meet recognized needs of emerging market economies.