Announcing a Collaboration to Fund Kopernik Campaigns at Invent for Humanity

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The Center for Applied Innovation Announces Ten Kopernik Campaigns in Conjunction with the Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Exchange Fair

January 24, 2011 (Geneva, Switzerland) – The Center for Applied Innovation, a Chicago based 501(C)3 non-profit organization, announced today a collaboration with Kopernik, an online marketplace of innovative, life-changing technologies designed for the developing world.

This collaboration has resulted in the presentation of ten Kopernik campaigns during the Invent for Humanity Technology Transfer Exchange Fair, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland on January 23-25, 2012.

Invent for Humanity is a community, a marketplace and an event focused on harnessing technology for social good. Taking place in concert with the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) Global Technology Impact Forum, Invent for Humanity will support this and other enterprise-creation campaigns all across the globe.

On their website, Kopernik showcases technologies created to benefit the developing world. Local groups (non-governmental organizations or NGOs) can review Kopernik’s marketplace, identify which technologies are most needed in their area, and apply online for funding to receive them.

After vetting, Kopernik posts the funding requests as “campaigns” on their website, where anyone can then donate toward funding them. Once the campaigns are funded, the technology is shipped directly to the local NGO and deployed.

“We work with a vast array of local partner organizations in a variety of locations around the world, but all our projects have one key feature in common: simple yet effective solutions to everyday problems for last mile communities otherwise forgotten by development assistance,” stated Ewa Wojkowska, Kopernik Chief Operating Officer.

Kopernik campaigns will be showcased during the Invent for Humanity event where they will be entered into the “marketplace”. The marketplace enables these campaigns to receive funding from the Invent for Humanity fund onsite through the allocation of microfinance credits by event attendees.

To contribute to these or other Invent for Humanity Campaigns, visit

About the Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Exchange Fair

Organized by the Center for Applied Innovation, the Invent for Humanity Technology Transfer Exchange Fair will take place in tandem with the LESI Global Technology Impact Forum 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland, on January 24-25, 2012. Invent for Humanity showcases field-ready sustainable innovations – Appropriate Technologies – and leverages the experience of professionals in IP and licensing in order to effectively match and structure the transfer of such technology to meet the needs of organizations working to benefit developing economies. The two day Invent for Humanity Technology Transfer Exchange Fair event is open to the media and the public.

About the Center for Applied Innovation (CAI)

The Center for Applied Innovation is an Illinois non-profit corporation created to manage education, public policy outreach and related economic activity around Applied Technology and intellectual property (IP) rights in the State of Illinois and around the world. Applied Technology is defined as proven IP or technology that is in use or was developed for a specific purpose and protected by patents and/or patent applications (as well as other forms of intellectual property such as trademarks and copyrights). CAI will examine the current environment and identify opportunities for IP to be utilized both in the State of Illinois and across the world to stimulate economic growth. The Center will create a critical mass of available resources and focus on redeploying existing IP, but will also encourage continued technology development.

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