Q Drum Manufacturing Campaign

The Q Drum is a durable donut-shaped plastic container designed to roll easily, and can transport fifty liters of clean and potable water. The effort required to move the Q Drum allows children to be active helpers in a very important domestic duty, which is typically the responsibility of women. It effectively reduces what is generally a day-long process of repeated trips to the fresh water well, sometimes miles away from the village, to a single trip.

Invent for Humanity, along with Q Drum designer Piet Hendrikse, has begun efforts to bring this successful technology from South Africa, where it is currently manufactured, to Mexico and the Philippines. A structured licensing agreement will be created by the Invent for Humanity Campaign Action Team (CAT) consisting of members from LES Mexico, LES Philippines and LES South Africa.

The purpose of this Campaign is to license required IP to establish manufacturing and distribution of Q Drum technology within Mexico and the Philippines. The CAT will work with the manufacturer in Johannesburg to create molds in order to ensure consistent manufacturing standards, and document the appropriate manufacturing “know how”.

Currently, Invent for Humanity is working to find potential needs organizations focused on water technology to invest in the manufacture of Q Drums and partner with distributors. Talks in Mexico with distributors have begun. Such entities are of interest because of their ability to distribute Q Drums where there are no roads, very little infrastructure, and inadequate product distribution channels. The core goal is to establish a micro-business model for people living in communities of need, creating a sustainable enterprise.

Over 130 California State University, Los Angeles students volunteered to study and develop innovative solutions to rural water transportation challenges found in villages around the world. The Cal State LA students, under the direction of student leader, Thomas Hurst and faculty advisors, Dr. Samuel E. Landsberger and Professor Zanj Avery, are working to support multiple Invent for Humanity Campaigns related to water transport technology developed in South Africa, focusing on the Q Drum.

A Campaign presentation is scheduled at the inaugural Invent for Humanity event in Geneva on the techniques and best practices found in the creation of this self-sustaining infrastructure. This session will be a valuable learning opportunity to assist future Campaigns with related IP, infrastructure and financial issues.