Manufacturing Mobility in Romania

Invent for Humanity is working with Ecotrust and Global Research Innovation and Technology (GRIT) to develop a campaign for manufacturing the Leveraged Freedom Chair in Transylvania.

The Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) is a lever-driven mobility aid designed for use in developing countries, where existing products cannot cope with the rough terrain. The LFC can be made from bicycle components, making it easy to construct and repair – a perfect example of Appropriate Technology.

GRIT is working to manufacture the LFC parts so they can be deployed on a large scale. The chairs will be shipped in flat packages, with assembly requiring little skill or tooling. User manuals are also currently under development.

Ecotrust is looking to collaborate with GRIT to deploy a number of LFC’s in Transylvania, where the disabled population could benefit greatly from this mobility aid.

Members from LES USA & Canada are active participants in the campaign.