2012 Invent for Humanity Speakers

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Aya Caldwell, Program Manager, Center for Global Health

Hector Chagoya, Vice-President, LES Mexico

Thomas Hurst, Graduate Student, California State University, Los Angeles

Alison Kuhlmann, Marketing Manager, Q Drum

Samuel E. Landsberger, Sc.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology, California State University, Los Angeles

Alan Lewis, Immediate Past President, LES International

Katherine Lucey, Founder & CEO, Solar Sister

Rick Mammone, Ph.D., CEO, ClearView Diagnostics Inc.; Associate Vice President of New Ventures Professor, Engineering and Business, Rutgers University

Breean E. Miller, Center for Applied Innovation Fellow, Invent for Humanity

Neha Misra, Chief Collaboration Officer, Solar Sister

James Moody, Executive Director of Development, CSIRO

Ferdinand M. Negre, Bengzon Negre Untalan; President, LES Philippines

Diane Powell, Co-Creator LAUNCH

Kathryn Samuels, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, Powered by Action

Tish Scolnik, Global Research and Innovation Technology (GRIT)

Kristi Stathis, Secretary, Center for Applied Innovation

Tyler Valiquette, Founder & COO, Catapult Design

Ewa Wojkowska, Co-founder & COO, Kopernik