Invent for Humanity 2012 Speakers

Aya Caldwell, Program Manager, Center for Global Health

Aya Caldwell is the the Program Manager for the Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Technology Initiative at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Center for Global Health. In this role Ms. Caldwell works closely with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Harvard Medical School, and international research sites in Uganda, India, and Ethiopia to develop, test and deploy innovative, low-cost, health technologies. The goal of the Initiative is to develop the most promising and commercially viable technologies thereby shortening the time to product introduction to achieve significant health impact in maternal and child health outcomes. Examples include developing, implementing, and performing outcome evaluations for a neonatal resuscitation device with midwives in rural Aceh in 2008 as well as co-developing medical devices such as CoolComply, a cold chain and adherence monitoring device for improving the treatment of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. Prior to Mass General, Aya worked at an investment fund as a Research Analyst in San Francisco.

Hector Chagoya, Vice-President, LES Mexico

Thomas Hurst, Graduate Student, California State University, Los Angeles

Thomas Hurst is a graduate student at CSULA in mechanical engineering working on his thesis on low cost redesign and manufacturing systems for the Q Drum project. He completed his bachelors in mechanical engineering at UC Santa Barbara with honors and an emphasis in thermodynamic design. He has published in three papers on scintillator-based radioisotope detection and won a R&D 100 award in 2010. When not engineering, he enjoys video games, going to comic conventions and building computers.

Alison Kuhlmann, Marketing Manager, Q Drum

Samuel E. Landsberger, Sc.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology, California State University, Los Angeles

Professor Landsberger’s Professional Interests:  Conducting research and creating technology to meet vital human needs, and guiding students in this effort. Creating an active, hands-on learning environment that stimulates self-powered growth and engages education with service to the community. Design of medical and assistive devices for people with disabilities, affordable and fun renewable energy devices, and submersible robots to explore and measure the health of the universe beneath the waves. Design work includes the full cycle of idea formulation, design synthesis, mathematical modeling, hardware realization, testing, and final design for and transfer to commercial manufacture.

Alan Lewis, Immediate Past President, LES International

Alan Lewis is a partner of the prestigious South African intellectual property law firm Adams & Adams, in its Johannesburg office. Adams & Adams celebrated its centenary in 2008 and is currently the leading and largest intellectual property practice in South Africa. Alan is a patent attorney and has been a partner of Adams & Adams since 1977. He concentrates on filing, prosecution, litigation and transactional aspects in regard to patents, registered designs and copyright, both nationally and internationally. He has been a member and is actively involved in the Licensing Executives Society, and is currently President of the Licensing Executives Society International. He is a Certified Licensing Professional and has acted as an adviser to various African countries in regard to commercialization of intellectual property.

Katherine Lucey, Founder & CEO, Solar Sister

Katherine Lucey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solar Sister. After a 20 year career as an investment banker with expertise in the energy sector, Katherine retired from banking and turned her attention to finding a sustainable solution to the energy poverty that causes suffering to a quarter of the world’s population. Katherine determined that a practical, grass-roots, locally generated solution was needed. In addition to Solar Sister, Katherine has served as Chief of Operations for Arzu, Inc., a non-profit organization working to empower women in Afghanistan by providing employment and social benefits. Katherine is an Ashoka Changemaker. She currently serves on the board of Solar Light for Africa, a not-for-profit corporation that brings solar energy to rural communities in East Africa, as well as several local charitable committees supporting education and the environment. She holds an M.B.A. from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Rick Mammone, Ph.D., CEO, ClearView Diagnostics Inc.; Associate Vice President of New Ventures Professor, Engineering and Business, Rutgers University

Dr. Mammone is the Associate Vice President of Corporate Liaison, Director of CAIP, Director of the BEST Institute and a Rutgers University Professor with a joint appointment in the Rutgers Business School and the School of Engineering. He serves as an interface between industry and Rutgers University by coordinating various events, web sites and projects that combine business and technology interests into useful enterprises. The BEST Institute is primarily concerned with starting new companies based on Rutgers intellectual property (IP). The CAIP center provides Cyber infrastructure platforms to industry and academic agencies. Dr. Mammone’ research interests are in computational pattern recognition and in the processes involved in the innovation of new technological products and their impact within their value chain. He has published over 150 papers and four books, supervised many graduate students and serves as consultant to many industrial and government agencies.

Breean E. Miller, Center for Applied Innovation Fellow, Invent for Humanity

Breean is a marketing manager for KLS Edition, a boutique integrated marketing firm in Chicago, and has experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, and project management. She is a Center for Applied Innovation Fellow, and has been instrumental in the development of Invent for Humanity.

Prior to her work at KLS Edition, Breean spent time as a social media consultant and an associate product manager for a rapidly growing affiliate marketing company. She recently worked as a member of the Board of Directors for Childreach International USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children throughout the world to reach their full potential. Breean holds a MA in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University, and a BA from the University of Akron.

Neha Misra, Chief Collaboration Officer, Solar Sister

Neha Misra is an Energy Economist with extensive experience in the closely intertwined areas of energy security, climate change and human development. She is passionately committed to women empowerment and community mobilization for scaling innovative applications of solar power to address the energy access challenge in developing world. Neha has worked with The Energy and Resources Institute in India and the U.S. She served as the North America focal point for the Lighting a Billion Lives Campaign, a commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative to bring light into the lives of one billion people by replacing kerosene and paraffin lanterns with solar lighting devices. In this role, Neha helped build key partnerships, undertake education & outreach to diverse stakeholder groups and raise funds to light villages across India. Neha holds a Master of Business Economics degree from the University of Delhi, India and a Bachelor of Science (honors) Physics degree from St.Stephens College, India.

Dr. James Moody, Executive Director of Development, CSIRO

Dr. Moody is Executive Director, Development at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), one of the world’s largest and most diverse global research organizations. He is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for IP, on the Advisory Council of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and a Board Member of the Brisbane Institute. He is an Australian National Commissioner for UNESCO, was previously co-chair of the UN Environment Program Youth Advisory Council and Executive Secretary of the taskforce on Science and Technology for the UN Millennium Development Goals. He has been named Young Australian of the Year in Science and Technology and one of the Australian Financial Review’s Young Executives of the Year. Moody received his PhD in Innovation Theory from the Australian National University, National Graduate School of Management and was Chief Systems Engineer for the Australian Satellite FedSat, the first Australian satellite to be launched in 30 years. He is the co-author of The Sixth Wave: how to succeed in a resource-limited world and is a regular panelist on the ABC TV television program The New Inventors.

Ferdinand M. Negre, Bengzon Negre Untalan; President, LES Philippines

FERDINAND M. NEGRE received his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the Law School of the Ateneo de Manila University in 1991. In 1993, he obtained a post-graduate degree of Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) at Franklin Pierce Law Center in New Hampshire, USA. In 2004-2005, he attended a Post-Graduate Scholarship Program on Intellectual Property at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in Munich, Germany and at the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute in London, UK.

Mr. Negre teaches Copyright Law and Trademark Law at the Law School of the Ateneo de Manila University. He has been lecturing on intellectual property subjects in different universities, government agencies and private organizations. He also lectures in workshops for lawyers as part of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education required by the Supreme Court and in workshops for judges conducted by the Intellectual Property Office.

Diane Powell, Co-Creator LAUNCH

Diane Powell has worked with the National Aeronautics Space Administration for the past twenty years. During that time she has developed programs to increase public awareness around NASA’s missions and to create new ways to allow the American public to actively participate in their space program. Today she works for NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC in the Office of the Chief Technologist. Over the past two years, she has led a unique partnership between NASA, the United States Agency for International Development, the US State Department, and NIKE to identify, showcase, and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges. Together they have created LAUNCH – a program that gathers scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. She was recently selected as a finalist for the 2011 Service to America Medal which is awarded to public servants whose achievements have improved the lives of Americans and others around the world. Ms. Powell is seen as an innovator and a connector – she enjoys bringing different people together to try and solve a common problem. www.launch.org

Kathryn Samuels, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, Powered by Action

Kathy Samuels is an Executive with Accenture Technology Labs, focused on helping clients understand the impact future technology will have on their business and developing a strategy and plan to managing it. A commitment to Accenture and to innovation has led Kathy to take on additional roles as well; she serves as the Chicago lead for the Accenture African American Interest Group and the Labs’ Great Place to Work for Women initiative.

Tish Scolnik, Global Research and Innovation Technology (GRIT)

Kristi Stathis, Secretary, Center for Applied Innovation

Kristi L. Stathis is a senior marketing executive experienced at the development and implementation of corporate brand management, advertising and promotional programs successfully driving near term revenue consistent with overall corporate strategy and business development objectives. For more than twenty years, Ms. Stathis has been responsible for creating and executing messaging, protocols and procedures both as a principal as well as on behalf of her client interests.

Earlier in her career, in response to a discovered need to address measurement for outdoor advertising, Ms. Stathis created a novel means to engage clients through abbreviated dial reverse charge telephony services. Originally formed as Cellular Linking, Inc., Ms. Stathis assisted in development of overall marketing strategy leading to sale of the company to a consortium of private equity sponsors investing a total of more than $40 million. Ms. Stathis’ inventions led to a portfolio six issued and pending United States patents.

Tyler Valiquette, Founder & COO, Catapult Design

Grounded in his extensive personal experience in Latin America and inspired by the role that technology can play in addressing social injustice and the ongoing global environmental crisis, Tyler co-founded Catapult Design with Heather Fleming in 2008. As the Chief Operations Officer he contributes to the building of an innovative social enterprise, leads design projects, and advocates for the critical role that design plays in the introduction of products and services focused on social impact. Tyler has worked both as an industrial mechanical engineer for Chevron and as a project manager for commercial construction projects in San Francisco. He has his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

Ewa Wojkowska, Co-founder & COO, Kopernik

Ewa Wojkowska is the Co-Founder and COO of Kopernik (www.kopernik.info) – a technology marketplace for the developing world. Since its launch in 2010, Kopernik has already brought life-changing technologies–such as solar lanterns, fuel efficient stoves, and water purification devices—to more than 63,000 people in communities in the ‘last mile’.

Before Kopernik, Ewa spent the past decade working for the United Nations and the World Bank in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Thailand and New York, focusing on the empowerment of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. She has extensive experience working for human rights and justice in Timor-Leste and Indonesia, and her work on legal empowerment has been published extensively. In 2011 she was recognized as one of Advance’s 50 emerging women leaders.

When Ewa is not busy running Kopernik, she is a big foodie and loves spending time with her baby daughter.