2012 Event Program

Working Agenda as of January 18, 2012

Arrival Day | January 23, 2012

18:00-20:00 Opening Cocktail Reception

A Joint Session for all GTIF and Invent for Humanity™ Participants

Hotel InterContinental, Geneva

Invent for Humanity 2012 First Day | January 24, 2012

7:30-8:30 Opening Breakfast

8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks from LESI President James E. Malackowski

8:45-9:30 Global IP Policy Outlook

A Joint Session for all GTIF and Invent for Humanity Participants

  • Francis Gurry, Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization
  • David Koris, Commission Chair on Intellectual Property, International Chamber of Commerce
  • Rufus Yerxa, Deputy Director General, World Trade Organization
  • Alan Lewis, Immediate Past President, LESI

Moderator: Francois Painchaud, Partner, ROBIC; Past President LES USA & Canada

9:30-10:45 Global IP Business Outlook

A Joint Session for all GTIF and Invent for Humanity Participants

  • Keving Nachtrab, Senior IP Attorney, Johnson & Johnson
  • Gerard J. Pannekoek, CEO, Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc.
  • Ruud Peters, Executive Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Philips

Moderator: Peter Hess, Partner, Bardehle Pagenberg

10:45-11:15 Networking Break

11:15-12:00 Introduction to the Invent for Humanity Model

This panel presentation will introduce the Community, Marketplace, Event model developed by Invent for Humanity for the successful transfer of Appropriate Technology.

  • Breean Miller, Fellow, Invent for Humanity
  • Ewa Wojkowska, Co-founder & COO, Kopernik

12:00-12:45 Partnerships to Raise a Village

This presentation will discuss how to best develop an Ecosystem for Impact – partnerships and collaborations to benefit your organization’s initiatives. It will also address infrastructure development, location selection and developing project architecture to ensure success.


  • Kathryn Samuels, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, Powered by Action

12:45-13:45 Lunch with LESI Global Technology Impact Forum Participants

13:45-16:45 Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Marketplace Open

16:45-17:15 Networking Break

17:15-18:15 Entering a New Era – Invent for Humanity Ecosystem Partners Presentation

A Joint Session for all GTIF and Invent for Humanity Participants

  • Diane Powell, Co-Creator, LAUNCH
  • Kathryn Samuels, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, Powered by Action
  • Tyler Valiquette, Co-founder & COO, Catapult Design
  • Ewa Wojkowska, Co-founder & COO, Kopernik

Moderator: James Moody, Executive Director of Development, CSIRO

18:45 Transport Departure for Dinner Venue

World Meteorological Organization

19:00-20:00 Cocktail Reception

20:00-22:00 Climate Science Impact Dinner

Hosted by LESI Past Presidents’ Council

Invent for Humanity Second Day | January 25, 2012

7:15-8:15 Opening Breakfast

8:15-8:30 Invent For Humanity Program Remarks from Kristi Stathis, Secretary, Center for Applied Innovation

8:30-9:15 Converting Research into Appropriate Innovations for the Developing World

This panel presentation will address the issues surrounding technology designed for lesser developed countries (LDCs), including the need for market understanding, the creation of best practices for university R&D for LDCs, and the importance of understanding the definition and applications of Appropriate Technology.


  • Aya Caldwell, Program Manager, Center for Global Health
  • Rick Mammone, Ph.D., CEO, ClearView Diagnostics Inc.; Associate Vice President of New Ventures Professor, Engineering and Business, Rutgers University
  • Diane Powell, Co-Creator, LAUNCH

9:15-10:00 Design at the Crossroads: Technology and Social Impact

As we work to transfer life-changing technologies between cultures through the introduction of products and services, how do we ensure that these solutions are meaningful, accessible, desirable, and successful? Good design is an important part of the answer.

Speaker: Tyler Valiquette, Founder & COO, Catapult Design

10:00-10:30 Networking Break

10:30-11:15 Sustainable Enterprise Development

This presentation will discuss the opportunity for developing sustainable enterprise within rural communities by showcasing existing and potential business models, best practices in local enterprise creation, and available funding models.


  • Katherine Lucey, Founder & CEO, Solar Sister
  • Neha Misra, Chief Collaboration Officer, Solar Sister

11:15-12:30 Invent for Humanity Campaign Presentations

Affordable Rehabilitation Engineering Designs for Independence & Enjoyment

We investigate a number of rehabilitation and assistive device designs developed over the past two decades at CSULA and the Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Engineering Program in order to address the needs of children and adults with limb deficiencies, orthopedic disabilities, and spinal cord injuries.

Students and researchers develop simple and affordable technologies while maximizing useful function and a pleasing design aesthetic. Designs range from low-cot prosthetic hands for infants with upper-limb absence, to merry-go-rounds propelled by children in wheelchairs, to adapted scuba gear for swimmers with spinal cord injuries. The fundamental equation/inequality relation underlying all of the designs is that the benefits they are perceived to provide are greater than the perceived hassles for the end user and caregivers.

We look ahead to the development of a universal playground and sustainable energy demonstration park on the campus of CSULA in low-income East Los Angeles.

Presented by Samuel E. Landsberger, Sc.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology, California State University

Q Drum Inspired Design Efforts at California State University, Los Angeles

This presentation will describe a wide range of innovative concepts in human-powered water transportation, inspired by Piet Hendrikse’s Q Drum invention, and supported by Invent for Humanity. Engineering students at all levels of study, undergraduate and graduate, have collaborated to create a wide spectrum of low-cost technologies building upon the fundamental Q Drum concept.

Some designs address manufacturing issues related to modern plastics manufacture, while other concepts are designed to be built from primarily indigenous materials within local communities.

A future goal is to test the various designs in a range of simulated terrain in order to evaluate manufacturing feasibility, durability and performance from the perspectives of end use and safe biomechanics, as evaluated with a gait laboratory.

Presented by Thomas Hurst, Graduate Student, California State University, Los Angeles

Manufacturing Mobility in Romania

Presented by Tish Scolnik, Global Research and Innovation Technology (GRIT)

Q Drum Manufacturing Campaign

Presented by:

  • Hector Chagoya, Vice-President, LES Mexico
  • Alison Kuhlmann, Marketing Manager, Q Drum
  • Alan Lewis, Immediate Past President, LES International
  • Ferdinand Negre, President, LES Philippines

12:30-12:45 Concluding Remarks from Kristi Stathis, Secretary, Center for Applied Innovation

13:00-14:00 Lunch with LESI Global Technology Impact Forum Participants

14:00-17:00 Board-to-Board Power Networking Sessions

Power Networking available in six sessions, each 30 minutes, for Participating Organizations from both GTIF and Invent for Humanity to meet at a board-to-board level. Power Networking sessions are being scheduled through the LESI External Relations Committee.

Interested in attending? Register for the Invent for Humanity Technology Transfer Exchange Fair & the LESI Global Technology Impact Forum.