Ease the burden of transporting water | Kenya

Provide vulnerable women and children in Western Kenya with rollable Q-Drum containers to ease the burden of water transportation.


Q Drum

The Q Drum is a durable, donut-shaped plastic container which holds up to 50 liters of water. Clean water is one of the simple necessities of life and the idea of the Q Drum originated in response to the needs of rural people for clean and potable water and easing the burden of conveying it. LEARN MORE »


Yaya Education Trust (YET)

YET, a local community based non-profit organization in Matungu district of rural Kenya in collaboration with community members and Kopernik, has developed a project dubbed “Relieve the burden of carrying water for rural women.” LEARN MORE »

Campaign Summary

Campaign amount
Timeframe for implementation
8 months


Transporting water from the source to the household: Women and children in Kenya are charged with the responsibility to provide water for household use. As a result of large amounts of water being carried on their heads over long distances, women and children are often affected by lifelong spinal or neck injuries. Furthermore, children often attend school late or miss classes to undertake their responsibility, affecting education levels in the country.

Proposed solution

The Q-Drum rollable water container will be a safer and quicker means of transporting water for both women and children. It will drastically reduce injuries caused by carrying water on the head and will speed up the transportation of the commodity allowing children to attend classes on time.

Number of people who will benefit

90 families and over 500 individuals

About the beneficiaries

The beneficiaries will be poor and marginalized women, many of whom are widowed due to HIV/AIDS, will be selected on the basis of their vulnerability and their distance from a water source.


The targeted women will be put in groups of 5 to 10. The groups will then rent the Q-Drum to community women and children at a subsidized cost as a way of generating income for their livelihoods. 10% of the money raised through the rental system will be returned to Yaya Education Trust in order to ensure sustainability of the project.

Budget Detail

Item Explanation Unit cost Quantity Cost
Product Cost of the technology 65 90 5,850
Shipping Cost of international shipping 1300 1 1,300
Clearance and local duty Based on the average clearance and local duty cost 1 400
Wire transfer fee 45 2 90
Paypal/other payment processing fee 3.3% average based on the average size of project and average donation amount 3.30% 291
Kopernik 10% In order to cover due diligence cost that Kopernik conducts 881

Contribution of organization

As an organization we shall help to contribute:

  • 91,000 KES (1,300 USD) towards the purchase cost of 20 Q-Drums
  • Provide and replace ropes for pulling
  • Help to train the beneficiaries and create awareness on the Q-Drum and its usage.