What Makes Technology Appropriate?

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A Google search for “Appropriate Technology” retrieves 1,190,000 results. There are countless organizations, think tanks, design companies, and school programs based on these small-scale technologies, but what exactly does “appropriate” mean?

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Wikipedia defines Appropriate Technology as an ideological movement originally started as “intermediate technology” by the economist Dr. Ernst Friedrich Schumacher.

Simply put, Appropriate Technology are life-changing grassroots solutions to economic needs.

Appropriate Technology are designed with special consideration to the environmental, ethical, cultural, social, political, and economical aspects of the community it is intended for.

Appropriate Technology sought for Invent for Humanity:

  • Can be implemented without specialized training
  • Is easily repaired with locally-available resources
  • Is extendable within local constraints
  • Requires no or commonly-used power sources
  • Is limited to consumable donations of single-dosages (such as vaccines)
  • Contains little to no salvage value

Appropriate Technology currently featured by Invent for Humanity:

If you represent a Technology Provider that develops Appropriate Technology for deployment in developing economies, please nominate your technology for consideration.

Learn more about Appropriate Technology:

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