Terminology Tuesday- Needs Organizations & Technology Providers

Posted on by kdenton

As we get closer to the big event in January, we realize that some of our partners and friends may not be familiar with some of the terminology used in discussing Invent for Humanity and Intellectual Property issues.

Introducing Terminology Tuesday – helping our followers to gain deeper insight into the goals of Invent for Humanity.

Needs organizations and technology providers….that sounds straightforward enough.

And it is! Technology providers are the ones that are using innovation to make their Appropriate Technologies (remember those?).

Needs organizations are those that will be deploying these creations out to the people who need them. The following is a list of Invent for Humanity’s participating needs organizations and technology providers. 


Needs organizations:

Childreach International USA – A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving children’s access to health, education, and safety,  and restoring child rights throughout the developing world.

Concern Worldwide – An organization that works with the poorest people in the poorest countries of the world to enable them to transform their lives. 

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss– Helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Developing Countries Reach Their Full Potential.

Liya Kedebe Foundation –  The Liya Kedebe Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of mothers and their children through the use of proven, simple, and low-cost strategies.

Solar Sister– A social enterprise providing women with the training and support necessary to create solar micro-businesses.

Yaya Education Trust – A non-profit organization that identifies, initiates, and supports projects that directly address the root causes of extreme poverty, illiteracy, and poor health among rural communities in the Matungu District.

Technology Providers:

d.light – An international consumer products company serving people without access to reliable electricity.

Embrace Portable Infant Warmer– A social enterprise that aims to empower the disadvantaged to improve their lives through disruptive technologies. The Embrace Cocoon is the first in this line of innovative products.

FilterPure  – A simple, effective, and sustainable ceramic water filter that provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Maternova Obstetric Kit – Focuses on preventing postpartum hemorrhage, the leading cause of death during childbirth.
Q-drum – The rollable water container for developing countries.

Solar Ear –Solar Ear manufactures solar powered hearing aids by young adults who are deaf for hearing impaired in developing countries.

UB-03 Biomass Stove– Compared to traditional three-brick/stone stoves, the biomass UB.03-1 stove can save fuels up to 80%, while producing almost no smoke during operation.

Uber Shelter –Uber Shelter is designing rapid deployment shelters that function as a platform for expansion into permanent housing in post-disaster situations.

Water Tulip – Basic Water Needs focuses on developing and manufacturing affordable safe drinking water solutions for the poor.